At Quattro Products we supply and fit rubber matting to the agricultural world from rubber matting for your milking parlours to rubber cow mats and luxury cow mattresses.

We also specialise in slat rubber and resin repair products for your silage and maize pits.

Cow Mats & Luxury Cow Mattresses

Our high strength luxury cow mattresses are tested and highly recommended. We offer seamless runs with high strength insertion rubber cover with luxury foam infill for ultimate comfort. The design of our luxury cow mattresses makes for easy natural drainage keeping beds and cows cleaner for longer.

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Slat Rubber

Prevent slipping and lameness with our high grip slat rubber. At Quattro we offer a bespoke fitting service, mats are cut exactly to your pen and slat size resulting in no silly toe space cuts. We use our highest quality rubber mat “The Beast Mat” specially designed with cows in mind giving you and your cattle confidence & better welfare.

The beast mat does not become smooth & slippery as some of the pre-made slats can.

Quattro’s bespoke fit system has longer gaps that eradicate the problems of blocking associated with pre-made slats with bungs keeping cows cleaner.

Silage & Slurry Pits

Sick of wasting money with leaking effluent, here at Quattro Products we have a wide range of products designed to repair and protect your silage pit saving you money.

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Parlour & Dairy Walls

Our high strength anti-fungal, anti-fade resin and fibreglass coatings are great for any parlour or dairy and come in a wide range of colours click here to see our colour chart. Our coating’s are strong and designed for long term use and are extremely easy to clean resulting in a more hygienic area for you and your cows.

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Parlour & Dairy Floors

Save money on the cost of cow casualties, performance and vet’s bills with anti-skid rubber flooring in your parlour. Quattro’s team of fitters lay bond and mechanically fix the rubber mats using our matbond resin, making it hygienically suitable for parlours, and walkways and minimising bacterial problems.

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